How Letting Go of Guilt Can Make You More Productive

A wise yogi proverb says: must remain in meditation for 20 minutes every day …. unless you are too busy. Then you have to sit for an hour. can actually sit and do nothing for 20 minutes or more each day can make you more productive? In

Teen Yogis Become Team Leaders

by Karen Martin, certified YogaKids teacher Encourage teens “teach” your class can be lots of fun! Delivery of parts of the class with these loans yogis can build confidence and broaden their knowledge of a yoga practice. Allow better control of these older students creates more give

Teaching Techniques: A Safe Haven

CYKT of Karen Martin A new addition happened in our family. It is a nervous energy beam, in search of acceptance, stability and routine. We are his family temporarily, help prepare a new start in life, which also happens to coincide with the start of the new

Karma and the Helper’s High

Julie Pate, YogaKids certified teacher karma means action or an act, but also the result of an action. Hindu spiritual master Sri Swami Sivananda said.. “There is a hidden power in Karma or action which brings in fruits of Karmas for the individual The consequence of an

Reaching Teens with Written Words

CYKT of Karen Martin Since I can remember, my time “down” was spent reading. Nothing beats curling up in a warm, comfortable chair with a great book. And secretly, yes, I do enjoy the summer reading assignments for school! It is not surprising that Reading Comes Alive

EYE Love Yoga

by YogaKids program director Alicia Mauldin Many us read to our children from the time they are born (or before) and celebrate when they begin to read on their own – it might even rank right up there with their first word, first step or bicycle independently

The Yin and Yang of a Child’s Life

by Certified YogaKids Teacher Teya Johnson “If every eight years has taught meditation, we will eliminate the violence of the world in a generation.” -Dalai Lama Just think about it for a while. My first yoga teacher training was for children. It was a vast one-year program

Teaching Teens: Questions for Your Words

by Karen Martin, certified YogaKids teacher Another cleaning Saturday found that I am working to remove the paper that somehow became stuck on the kitchen counter. In fact, more like glued. Irritant. I could rub it all with a lot of elbow grease, energy and sweat. Using

Using the YogaKids Elements for Children with Depression

By Julie Pate, YogaKids certified teacher “I tell you;. deep inside you is a source of happiness, a joy fountain in the back of your core is the truth, light and love, there is no guilt, there there is no fear psychologists have never looked deep enough.

Confessions from a Digital Marketing Manny

by YogaKids Marketing Director Sam Watkins Shh … I can tell you a secret? social media and new to me at the edge of a nervous breakdown. And it sucks because I am a digital marketing professional who made his living building relationships with people online and