Celebrate the Spooky Season!

Looking for a Halloween-themed lesson plan for your kids yoga class? Look no further! Enjoy this hearty witches’ brew of festive fun! The post Celebrate the Spooky Season! appeared first on YogaKids. Source link

Challenge Poses: Facing Fear & Anxiety of New Asanas

by Certified YogaKids Teacher Karen Martin At a small amusement park along the Jersey shore, waiting with my kids for a turn on the ride, my eyes and ears were drawn to one particular child. High excitement could be felt from the kids in line anticipating glimpses

The Beauty and Brilliance of Bees

by YogaKids CEO Don Wenig Last spring I started a new adventure as a beekeeper. I’ve been cultivating a native wildflower garden for the past several years and who better to enjoy the flowers but the bees? Perhaps in return we’ll enjoy some of the honey they produce.

4 Yoga Weight Loss Tips For Beginners

Yoga weight loss has been practiced by a lot of people, and these yogis state that it works. If you are looking for a low-impact exercise that sheds fat for good, try the weight loss yoga and consider the tipps below. Yoga Weight Loss Tips to Get

5 Yoga Poses for Weight Loss – How To Do

If you are seeking for some yoga poses for weight loss you can practice daily as a beginner, look for further. Learn five yoga poses that even beginners can do to drop pounds and become fit below. Yoga Poses for Weight Loss to Practice Daily Surya Namaskar

5 Yoga Poses for Kids To Learn

Most kids are able to take many traditional yoga poses for kids naturally: when they feel playful, they’d do the Frog pose, when they feel sad, they’d take the Child’s pose, and when they feel happy, they’d take the Happy Baby pose. Here are five yoga poses

Yoga for Weight Loss – Why Yoga is Considered Great for Promoting Weight Loss

As an exercise that has risen to popularity, yoga is still able to make people question about its essence and benefits. One of the most common arguments about yoga is whether the practice is really good for weight loss as what many yogis have claimed it to

Yoga for Kids Video – 3 Reasons to Use Videos to Teach Kids Yoga

People today love to practice yoga with the help of either the yoga DVDs or online yoga videos. You can see that yoga videos are more popular than ever, especially the yoga for kids video. Parents and teachers have good reasons for using yoga videos as a

Weight Loss Yoga – 3 Reasons Why Yoga Helps with Weight Loss

We all know that yoga is great to develop flexibility and strength. We even know that yoga is great to enhance focus and awareness. What not all of us know is that yoga is great to shed some weight. Learn how weight loss yoga can help you

5 Benefits Of Yoga for Kids

  Yoga isn’t only for adult anymore; the practice is also transforming the kids today. As yoga is spreading rapidly around the world, adults have decided to share the practice with their kids because every parent and teacher want the kids to experience the benefits of yoga